Nickel City 2021

April 15th - April 17th

DoubleTree Niagara Falls NY

Hotel Information


Our host is currently sold out. Please use the link below to make a reservation at our back up hotel (Holiday Inn Niagara Falls)

When you follow the link, select a date range between April 13 - 19, 2021.  Select "check availability" and the event rate will automatically populate with the rooms available. No group name is needed.

Please note, there will be a parking charge with your confirmation, however this fee will not be charged at the event. There is free parking at both hotels.

Hotel Reservation Information will be posted soon.

To be placed on the DoubleTree Waiting List:

Waiting List form will be available soon.

This form can also be used to change the type of room needed for existing DoubleTree Reservations. For example, if you have a King Bed reserved but you need to change it to two Queen Beds you would use this form.

If you have a reservation at the back up hotel (Holiday Inn), WNYCA will take care of canceling and transferring that reservation to our host hotel. WNYCA will provide you the confirmation details.

To Cancel an Existing DoubleTree Reservation:

Please email our hotel coordinator at   with your confirmation number. WNYCA will confirm the cancellation with you directly.

To Remove Your Name from the Waiting List:

Please email our hotel coordinator at with your name and contact information. You will receive a confirmation from WNYCA that your name has been removed.

Hotel Parking:

Parking is included with your stay. There are two surface

parking lots located at the hotel. We encourage attendees

to carpool if possible.

Please email with any other hotel questions you may have.

Event Registration (links below):


Non-Member Dancer (received by March 19)


WNYCA Member Dancer (received by March 19)


Dancer March 20-April 10 (Member discount valid only until March 19.  No registration will be accepted after April 10)


Spectator (Anyone watching any clogging activity. Nickel City 2021 will NOT include Saturday Night Exhibitions)


Syllabus Book (Advanced Order Price. Limited number for $12 at door.)


Digital Syllabus (PDF) (Advanced Order Price. Available for $12 at door.)


Buffet Tickets - Adult  (Advanced Order Only)


Buffet Tickets - Child  (Advanced Order Only)


Event T-Shirt: $18.00 - AXXL & AXXXL (requires additional $3 charge).

Event Long-Sleeved T-Shirt: $20.00 - AXXL & AXXXL (requires additional $3 charge).

Event Zippered Hoodie:$30.00 - AXXL & AXXXL (requires additional $3 charge).

Registration Information will be posted soon.

Nickel City News & Updates

Current NYS Covid Update:

Click here to view our Covid precautions

Area Information:

Within walking distance from the hotel:

  • Niagara Falls State Park

  • Seneca Niagara Casino

Links to maps and other destinations: COMING SOON

Click here to see a preview of the DoubleTree Niagara Falls

Event Information:

Click here for a printable event flyer

Theme: 90s


Jeff Driggs, Shane Gruber, Andy Howard, Darolyn Pchajek, Morgan Hudson, Andrew Perry, Naomi Pyle, Missy Shinoski, Chip Summey, Judy Waymouth, Colleen Zurbrigg.

Weekend Schedule: 

Workshops start at 9AM Friday and Saturday.

Fun Dances Thursday, Friday & Saturday nights.

90+ Workshop dances and 10+ hours of fun dancing in one weekend!



The DoubleTree by Hilton Niagara Falls, Nickel City Clogging Festival, Western New York Cloggers Association, Inc. (WNYCA), and the Nickel City Festival committee and staff, including but not limited to volunteers, vendors, instructors, and demonstrators, assume no responsibility for damage or injuries suffered by any participant, including but not limited to dancers and spectators. By registering, and in consideration of the acceptance of your participation herein, all participants and their parents, guardians, and/or chaperones agree to assume all risks of injury to the participant's person and property resulting from, caused by, and/or connected with the events of the Nickel City Clogging Festival, and to release and hold harmless any and all claims which the participant may have against the DoubleTree by Hilton Niagara Falls, the Nickel City Clogging Festival, WNYCA, the Nickel City Festival committee and staff. Workshop applications are accepted only upon the acceptance of all conditions listed herein and rules set forth at


It is with deep regret that the WNYCA Board of Directors announces the cancellation of Nickel City 2021. Please read below for important information.

What’s Next:

We hope you’ll consider joining us for Fiddlefest on July 31, 2021 in Springville, New York. We will post information soon.

Nickel City 2022 will be held on April 21-23, 2022 at the Doubletree Niagara Falls, New York.

Nickel City 2023 will be held on April 13-15, 2023 at the Doubletree Niagara Falls, New York.

We are in discussions as a Board about other small possibilities for the summer and/or fall 2021, and will release details about any opportunities in the coming months.


What if I have a hotel room at the Doubletree?:

DO NOT DO ANYTHING. DO NOT CALL THE HOTEL TO CANCEL. You will be receiving a form from us in the coming weeks. It will come from That form will handle all questions related to hotel and registration. It will ask if you want your room rolled over to 2022. Once we have your reply, the hotel will make the appropriate adjustments to cancel your 2021 room and place the reservation for 2022 when the hotel computer accepts 2022 bookings.

What if I am on the waitlist for a room?

You will remain there and will be offered rooms as we have rolled over the existing reservations.

What if I have a registration rolled over from 2020?:

You will have the same options as last spring. You will receive a form via email that provides you explanation for hotel and registration. You will have the options to request a refund via PayPal or by mailed US check, to rollover your registration to Nickel City 2022, or to convert your registration to a charitable donation.

Please note any electronic refunds will require you to enter banking information to retrieve funds. Please watch for the email from sometime between January 18 and January 25.


Why cancel now?:

It is our responsibility and goal to always provide a safe environment, and under the current COVID rates, we cannot do that. Given the continued closure of the Canadian border, NY’s gathering restrictions (currently at 25 people in Niagara Falls and not higher than 50 since March 2020), and NY’s requirements for out of state travelers to have two negative Covid tests and quarantine for three days between tests, the demands on having an event in a few short months are insurmountable. As a result, it is wiser and safer to make the call now before anyone makes travel arrangements and before monies are expended on preparations.

We wish you all a safe and healthy 2021. We miss you all dearly, and we really cannot wait to share a dance floor with you again.

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