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The History of the WNYCA

The rest you can guess.

The Nickel City Clogging Festival, because of the sponsorship of the WNYCA, grew from 50+ to 600+ Cloggers. Memberhsip benefits, especially from Nickel City, has boosted club affiliated members, as well as individual membership for the WNYCA. While member teams have transformed, changed Directors, disbanded, and emerged, all of our Western New York-based member teams and most of our New York-based teams can trace their lineage to the WNY Rhythm Cloggers.

The original goals remain the code for this ever-changing organization. We have started to increase the number of events that we host, by adding FiddleFest and a Fall Fun Dance. Our member teams have banded together for exhibition purposes on multiple occasions, and we continue to explore new avenues to grow Clogging in and around the geographical areas where our members clog. Geographical areas that have expanded from five counties of Western New York to New York, Ontario, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and beyond.

One other important aspect has to be considered. All of this ame about because of a desire to get together for fun, friendship, and Clogging. it was never organized for profit, and would have never achieved what it has without the enormous contribution of the volunteers who are really the foundation of it's success.

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